Nicholas K New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW FW16

Nicholas K New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 runway show looks like a goth pirate Gypsy ship docked backstage.  Black looks, kimono belts, long and mini fingerless gloves, headbands and scarves, asymmetry, satin dresses, contrast paneled leather pants, black on black leather shearling jackets, long velvet coats, an amazing shirt collar skirt tied with the sleeves, and capes strut the runway.

The color palette begins in all black, then transitions to gray and white with textile prints, as shown on the poncho and tunic worn over matching or contrasting shirts, and finally segues to gray-purple and purples, browns and taupe, and deep wines. The white off the shoulder dress gave us Marilyn Manson when paired with the dark berry lip, bold brows, and nude ruddy eye-makeup and black manicure.  I’m angry that the holster bags are my idea and Nicholas K got to it first, but they’re very cool nonetheless.  Who isn’t craving velvet and crushed velvet right now?  I love the way the sleeved taper in at the wrist and turn into fingerless gloves, and how cool is the arm armor?

The Nicholas K NYFW FW16 girl is a Gypsy Street Pirate bringing bad ass to a neighborhood near you.  It’s on-trend, fashion forward as it is 90’s retro.


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