Celebrity Fitness: Star Quality

Celebs cover fitness mags accross the board: Ryan Reynolds on Men’s Health, Kate Hudson on Self, and Jaimie Alexander on Shape.  Stars known for their bodies, fitness, health and diet often cover fitness magazines more than fitness gurus and models.  Studies show people trust attractive people, and because these are familiar faces of presumed healthy people, it makes marketing sense.  Reynolds has the new Deadpool movie out- furthering his marketing appeal. Hudson has her Fabletics athletics brand, which sort of goes hand in hand with the athleisure influence on style and fashion; I tried to shop Fabletics, and personally found it frustrating I had to switch to a different device because of the UI- by that time I was not impressed and not having it.  Alexander’s cover boasts a 10min workout- let us just reminisce on her amazing Globes slow-motion red carpet video: this woman needs to be discovered as the face of a house or brand stat!

Kate Hudon’s Diet and Fitness Non-Routine Routine

Kate Hudson really does have a  great body, and is known for fitness more-so since her Fabletics launch, I feel.  In Shape Magazine, she’s quoted as saying “I’m finally at a place in my life where if someone wants to know what I do to stay healthy, why not tell them?”  She’s released a new lifestyle book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body.  We’ve seen the adventurous side of Kate on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, in which she scaled down a mountain suspended from a piece of ice! In the article, Hudson says that she switches up her routine, and that change is the only constant in her health and fitness regimen.  She cites Tracy Anderson and Body by Simone, and says she does everything from pilates to spinning and running.  I think one of the things we encounter most often is the non-morning, don’t tell me to eat within an hour of getting up type…of which I am one- and so is Kate.  You must eat something, anything, have a shake, within an hour of waking to boost your metabolism.   She eats five small meals daily, which is something I did when I lost 60lbs very quickly (over 1lb per day), including “a… protein shake, …salad… and a late-afternoon snack before dinner.”  She says she’s basically vegetarian, indulges herself, loves to dance, is over the fads, journals, and has a relaxed attitude about diet and fitness- sometimes taking a day off.  From my experience, this is all true, great advice, and has worked for me.  I do feel like dance is an amazing workout, and you know I’m into pole fitness.  I do indulge myself, don’t believe in deprivation, and also feel like you can allow yourself a break so you don’t burnout.  I’m over fad diets, and just use a common sense healthy approach to diet- or focus on caloric intake and proportions.  I also feel like journaling, I use the My Diet Diary app, helps- you can get charts and percentages of your dietary intake, exercise, etc., and it can help identify hidden trojan horses, like the sugar and cream in your coffee or tea (See my post on my fitness routine).

 Ryan Reynold’s Greek God Bod Secrets

Reynolds has covered a few Men’s Health magazines in the past, and rightly so given the actor’s ever-toned physique.  “Even if I’ve been in the gym for two hours before a 17-hour day on a movie set, I never bitch about it,” he says in Men’s Health, “get your sleep when you get your sleep.”  This dad’s dedication is why he’s got the anti-dad-bod.  He says he learned discipline from his dad, who recently passed.

While in high school, he played football, and says he really transformed his body for his role in Blade: Trinity, for which he worked out  three hours a day, and ate up to eight times per day.  He says his mood actually has a direct correlation to exercise, and likes to go hiking, bike, and do warm ups and calisthenics…”I workout like a British person,” he says, as he mentions jumping-jacks.

Jaimie Alexander

   The Blindspot star reveals her 10-minute workout…”10 minute workout?,” you ask…well, believe it or not, sometimes even a 15-30 minute workout 3 times a week can change your life!  I’ve certainly achieved my goals in such short workouts, and was of course at my best when working out 5 times a week for hour sessions, but everything in due time.

In Shape‘s March issue, the star is described as chasing an oatmeal cookie with a bear before explaining that “Girly is a foreign concept” to her.  Alexander seems to be quite the tough girl, having boxed with Chris Hemsworth, wrestled in high school, and done a push-up contest with Schwarzenegger.  She says her goal isn’t to be super thin, is basically a vegetarian (sound familiar?), has burned 4k cals in a day, and depends on craft-service hummus wraps.  She says she has a prison workout routine, and does burpees, sprint-interval (basically periods of bursts of exercise then longer periods of rest), and also shares this “obsession with Valslides by Valerie Waters,” in addition to pikes, lunges push-ups, TRX band jump rope (in trailer), swimming (she trained with a SEAL for Blindspot), and ab workouts.  She admits to a pizza weakness, but says she’s generally healthy, except for a beer or bourbon here and there…”I don’t deprive myself,” she says.  Amen sister, I totally believe that deprivation, as you’ll hear me say time and again, is the way to binging and going off your diet in a huge way.

If you have ever tried a crazy strict diet, you’ll know what I mean.  I once tried this hospital diet I found online, which was like 2 crackers for breakfast, two crackers for lunch…no!  I now have the knowledge to get my essential protein, check the clock for when to eat (yes, I am that guy that forgets to eat, but I’m also someone who suffers from binge eating, so cut me some slack), and have learned not to try and snack, but to depend on eating fulfilling meals to prevent binging.  I’ve also learned to make late-night soups to further prevent the binge-eating, and fill them with veggies so I’m getting full but not gorging on calories.

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