Size Queen: Clothing Sizes for Men Vs. Women 

For my Parsons X Teen Vogue assignment, Production Standards, I was to try on articles of clothing in the same size and brand to test for production standards and seam allowancedifferences.  Interestingly, I did find that articles of the same style differed quite a bit in fit.  Would you like to know my size in men’s vs. women’s? I’m a 28-30 in men’s, and a 3 in women’s.

The God’s Masterful Children Moto jeans, size 30, fit perfectly in army green…but were rather tight in black.

The Royal Bones jeans, size 3, also fit quite differently: the striped style was much tighter, whereas the over-dyed plaid fit perfectly.  How can that be? Well, the seam allowance allows for slight deviations in production, usually 1/2″, which can cause for the exact same article of clothing in the same size to be tighter or looser.  Furthermore, the different denim used for each style or color variation also, in my opinion, had a drastic effect of fit, which is another factor to consider.

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