Versace Fall/Winter 2016 Men’s Milan Fashion Week MFW FW16

The Versace Fall/Winter 2016 Men’s Milan Fashion Week show began with models running down the unlit catwalk in luminescent jackets, hoodies, and pants. The first looks were gray, white, metallic silver, then segued to pastel blues, pink, lilic and lavender, in monochromatic, tonal, and contrasting color designs.  The space featured a shiny white runway contrasting the matte gray floor, angular ceiling/light panels above lit the show and brought home the theme of a space odyssey, completed  by the Star Trek inspired pins and space themed patches.

Graphic motifs, some of them linear, others seemingly a throwback to Gianni’s days.  Black and camel shearling jackets put the competition to shame!  The palette was composed of white; black; gray; silver and blue metallic leather; navy, white, and black leather; and pastel blues, pinks, and lavender.  There were houndstooth, abstract, and cascading prints, as well as bold pinstripes.  Grommeted pants, led lights,  this collection stood out from the pack- it was a very European looking show.

The Versace MFW FW16 fashion show was futuristic, an intergalactic trip though the stars: it literally lit up the night.  Straying from the common themes of all the other designers’ collections, Versace marched to the beat of its own drum…and that of David Bowies “Space Oddity,” a dedication to the late musician.

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