New Heights: Platform Sneakers

The view from up here is fabulous.  I feel as if I’ve gained a whole new perspective.  If you read my post, A Platform for Platforms, you’ll know that platform shoes and sneakers have long been a staple of alternative style gurus of London, America, and Asia of course.  Although they’re nothing new, the trends for fall have us reviving the ever undead goth and grunge trends.

I’ve been craving the Y.R.U. Qozmos since I tried them on in BlackHeart while I was in California.  Seeing all of the Tokyo Fashionistas in their platforms made me want them even more.  It seems like they’ve never really gone out of style for many different subcultures of goth, from Nugoth or Pastel Goth to even Kerli and her Moon Child followers.

Going into the 70’s for spring, I don’t know that I feel too comfortable wearing true 70’s fashion.  I do love the androgyny trend because, let’s face it- that’s my style day-to-day.  I think I’d much rather rock a platform sneaker in a modern retro way.  I do, however, feel like I’ll be embracing the boho style for Spring/Summer 2016.

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