Manic Mani: Cat’s Claw Black on Nude


Cat's Claw Mani by Perry Uwanawich
Cat’s Claw Mani by Perry Uwanawich
For this unusual mani, I used 
Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Forever Fawn/Cafe con Leche as a base color, then applied Revlon Colorstay Stiletto 270 using a disposable lip brush đŸ™‡đŸŒ. I was inspired by a nude on black striped mani I saw, but wanted to do my take on that.  While this is way too feminine for me, I feel like it Elwood be cool for girls, especially those with an edgy or alternative style. 

 I originally tried to use French Tip stickers, but found them to leave weird edges, so I recommend using a striper or nail art pen to create an outline, then fill in with a black nail polish using its normal applicator brush.

Stay tuned to my fashion blog and Fashion & Beauty YouTube Channel for more manis, beauty, make-up, skincare, and of course, fashion and style.

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