Dyanna Rosemary Swim-wear Runway Fashion Show: Palm Beach Swim Week

Dyanna Rosemary’s designs are inspired by “mathematics, geometrics, and fractals,” which is made evident in her eye-catching prints and stunning embellishments, composed of sequins, hand-sewn semiprecious stones and beading- glistening details that make the swimsuits truly stand out.  Photos and video did not capture how beautiful these sparkling bikinis and swim-suits are as they are modeled down the runway.

The collection features binikis and one-piece swimsuits, as well as cover-ups, so you can show it off or cover up in style. The girls’ or kids’ swimwear will make your mini-me feel like she’s wearing a stylish big-girl swimsuit, and feature the same attention to detail- side-tied bottoms with beaded strings and adorable graphic elements of seahorses and fish, as well as appropriate cut-outs.

Dyanna Rosemary says her designs are “born in Columbia and exported to the world.” In fact, her brand helps Columbian women work from home: the artisans take the digitally printed swim-wear and are given a theme and color scheme- they are allowed to express their own creativity in embellishing the swim-suits. Designs range in price from $196-$420 and can be purchased at DyannaRosemary.com

(Photos: Enrique Arenas)

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