A Platform for Platforms

Platforms have long been worn by those in alternative style categories, from Goth to Pastel Goth and even Kerli’s Klick- who go by the fan-nickname MoonChild.   Japan apparently, as the video cites, has had them around for decades.  I’m sure you’re familiar with Y.R.U. if you live in the states: I love the Qozmo and Yuka XXX styles, the former of which comes in all types of zany wacky styles like Unicorn, Dragon, Alien, and more, as well as some flashy but less sci-fi looks like Disco and Glitter

y.r.u. qozmo unicorn
Y.R.U. Qozmo Unicorn
Y.R.U. Qozmo
Y.R.U. Qozmo
Y.R.U. Yuka XXX
Y.R.U. Yuka XXX

Brands Popular in Japan:

  • Tokyo Bopper
  • Buffalo
  • Y.R.U.
  • Yosuke
  • Jeffrey Campbell
  • Swankiss
  • Converse

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