Palm Beach Swim Week 2015 Preview

Palm Beach Swim Week 2015 PBSW15 pbsw2015

Above, models wear bikinis and swimwear as a preview of what’s to be presented at Palm Beach Swim Week 2015- the event was hosted by President of PBSW, Lilyana Eisele, wearing yellow above.

President Lilyana Eisele introduces the designers presenting at Palm Beach Swim Week 2015 PBSW15 PBSW2015
President Lilyana Eisele introduces the designers presenting at Palm Beach Swim Week 2015

Standing with several of the designers presenting at Palm Beach Swim Week, President Lilyana Eisele spoke on the coming events, including the Live Absolute Art and Fashion Auction, featuring a Kinetic Scuplture created by Elayna Toby Singer of Elayna Toby Art, who creates kinetic or moving sculptural pieces (read more and see interview video below); Italia Couture jewelry; Mercedes Bournelli; STScarves – paintings printed to scarves; and Glass art by Chadd Lacy.

    The Live Absolute Art and Fashion Auction will be held at the Habitat Gallery, 513 Clematis St. this Sunday October 25th at 6pm, and will benefit the development of a fashion district in Palm Beach. Tickets are $10, available at

The Artist: Elayna Toby Singer

Elayna Toby Art, Kinetic Movement Elayna Toby Art, Kinetic Movement

Elayna Tartist Elayna Toby Singer, Elayna Toby Artoby Singer of Elayna Toby Art creates kinetic (moving) sculptures, and has a history in jewelry making- which she also designs to be dangling and kinetic.  She created a very interesting sculpture in just two weeks, after Lilyana Eisele suggested people donate their one-off odd earrings and jewelry for a sculpture which will be auctioned off to benefit the foundation of a fashion district in Palm Beach: Singer says she refers to the donations as Excessories, or excess accessories, and wanted to weave the personal stories of the donors into the art piece, creating a meaningful work of art for a great cause. Elayna Toby Singer has notably created a kinetic art piece using a 90 year old tree in a Boynton Beach community art project.  Visit or for more from Elayna Toby and information on the UPcycle EXCESSory project.

The Designers presenting at Palm Beach Swim Week 2015:

Sandbar Swimwear

Sandbar swimwear, PBSW, Palm Beach Swim Week
Sandbar Swimwear designer Ana Araujo and partner Gregory Fox pose with models wearing her designs at a preview of Palm Beach Swim Week

Designer Ana Araujo and partner Gregory Fox say Sandbar’s brazilian bikinis are meant to accentuate a woman’s curves and beauty, and the designs are not meant to follow trends but create a lasting impression, as Mr. Fox put it, “trends come and go as the ocean…waves come and go.”  Their background was in wholesale uniforms, but they were inspired by the Sandbar, from which the brand gets its name, to design swimwear, and cite “Tropical jungle mystique” as further inspiration for the print and collection.  Ana Araujo graduated from the Art Institute in Miami. Bikinis are priced at around $49-$69: for more information on Sandbar, visit or

Poema Swim

Imported fabrics from Spain are digitally printed in this luxury swimwear collection, which features bold stripes and mixed prints with sexy side-strap and side-tie details: the brand based in Boca Raton, Florida. Visit for more.

poema swimwear, pbsw, palm beach swim week 2016

Dyanna Rosemary

Designs inspired by “mathematics, geometrics, and fractals,” which is made evident in her eye-catching prints and stunning embellishments, which may not show up on camera, but are composed of sequins, hand-sewn semiprecious stones and beading, details that make the swimsuits truly stand out.  The collection binikis and one-piece swimsuits, as well as coverups, so you can show it off or cover up in style. The girls’ swimwear will make your mini-me feel like she’s wearing a stylish big-girl swimsuit, and feature the same attention to detail- side tied bottoms with beaded strings and adorable graphic elements of seahorses and fish.  Dyanna Rosemary says her designs are “born in Columbia and exported to the world.” In fact, her brand helps Columbian women work from home. Designs range in price from $196-$420 and can be purchased at

Bella Fashion Designs:

Bella Fashion Designs at the preview of Palm Beach Swim Week 2015 PBSW15 pbsw2015
Left to right: Rachel Francesca Marvilli, National Director Bella Nation; Model, Singer/Songwriter, Franco Martino; and Designer Nora Marvilli, Wearing Bella Fashion Design.

Bella Fashion Designs is designed by Nora Marvilli, who is also the President of Miss US Nation and is taking part in the crowning of Miss Palm Beach Fashion Week, Miss Palm Beach Swim Week, Miss Florida Fashion and Miss Florida Fashion Model.  Nora’s daughter Rachel Franchesca Marvilli is the National Director and spokesperson- both model dresses from the collection above.  Visit for more information.

CJ Golden: CJG Design

CJ Golden, inspired by the leather culture, Pride Month of October, and spirituality, featured D-Ring hardware and leather-inspired marine vinyl to evoke the look of harnesses in his collection, for example.  His background is in underwear, swimwear, resort and club wear, but he is presenting a swimwear capsule for PBSW.  CJ has been designing since high-school and since 2010 professionally, and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising.  He designs for the “fashion-forward guy, someone who doesn’t mind taking risks…is ok with colors and fun fabric combinations.”  He says his designs will feature european cuts, speedos and square-cut trunks: “it shows of the male physique but it’s still going to be comfortable and sexy…board-shorts are boring!”  CJG Designs retail from $50-100, are one-of-kind or limited runs made by him. You can see CJ’s designs and reach him at, Instagram @CJG_Design, and Twitter @CJG_Design,


STScarves by artist Sharon Tatem, presenting at PBSW Palm Beach Swim Week    Artist Sharon Tatem takes her oil on wood paintings and has them digitally printed onto 100% silk scarves, available in 12mm and lighter silk chiffon 8mm.   She has a rich background in donating her art and creating mural pieces with hundreds of children, benefiting The United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Martin County Red Cross,  and The Children’s Place at Home Safe in West Palm Beach for children and parents with AIDS,  to name a few.  She was a featured artist in the Palm Beach Post.  A fashion graduate of Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Visual Arts NY, and F.I.T., she says her collection is inspired by fashion, and her scarves retail for around $90: For more on STScarves, visit or

Misly Beltinor

misly beltinor designer    Misly Beltinor, returning to present at PBSW after having presented her collection last year, designs womenswear and swimwear, and was inspired by a fabric with a tennis racket print.  Of her girl, she says, “She is not afraid to wear anything, she’s out there…loves to go to the beach and… travel and…she loves to look gorgeous.” She designs for women from 16-35+.  Her designs range from $40-$100: visit or to see her designs and for more information.

misly beltinor

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