Anthony Vaccarello SS16

Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection started off with some Miley crotch bearing skirts, was that tiny flap expected to cover their Britneys?  It can be forgiven, because the later skirts, a halfsie pleat like we’ve been seeing, and leather with metal embellishments made up for the slut-skirts.  The show was cool, modern, retro with the mom jeans and that scarf worn under a button-up I’ve always wanted to try, and featured sheer shirts, leather  and metal embellishment details, fabulous halftone graphic prints, and blazers.  I want to dress like the male version of this!  As a matter of fact, I’ll just rock the sheer shirts and blazers as is! Anthony Vaccarello said, “I’ll see your o-rings and raise you fashion hunty booboo,” and created much more fashionable looks using rings than we saw in London “Fashion” Week…now that’s appropriate design development.  Overall I found it a fun fashion show that was both on-trend and fashion forward.

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