Salvatore Ferragamo SS16

Salvatore Ferragamo has set out to redefine its brand as a fashion house, seeking to expand beyond its market position of leather goods– shoes and bags, belts and wallets are what we thing of when we hear Ferragamo.  Has the brand truly shown us fashion in the seasons that have passed since it announced that endeavor?  It began with beautiful fashion that gave us something to talk about, yet the current ads seem to be set apart by, surprise surprise, the shoes!  As I flip through the Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2016 looks, I have to wonder what they’re doing to attain and maintain this new sought out market position.  Are frilly and trash bag looks really going to re-position your brand?  Is this endeavor under the right creative director and designer? Unfortunately, I don’t think peasant blouses, pleats, and ruffles are enough to carry Ferragamo over into the high fashion world for long…there isn’t anything particularly on-trend or fashion forward about the collection.  I’d start looking into new and better creative direction and designers…A.S.A.P., otherwise, fall back into your positioning and focus on market share, not market position Ferragamo.

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