Fendi SS16

The Fendi Spring/Summer 2016 Milan Fashion Week show was a seeming continuation of this Milanese librarian look?  I don’t know if in Milan librarian meets bishop sleeves and collars evokes the 70’s, but  the collection had this strange dichotomous tone of old and new running through it, which made sense when we saw the two designers walk out at the end (unfortunately, I assume Karl is the youthful side of the duo’s fashion sense).  Many of the looks, such as the fur detail coat, were over designed, in that instance it was a lot of look with the collar, the sleeves, the zig-zag fur detail…  Some of the garments were more costume than fashion, fitting in Game of Thrones one moment, and Chronicles of Riddick the next. 

Rompers had the youth sucked out of them by bishop sleeves and collars and bloomers.  Just as a look became elevated, elastic was used on the sleeves and horrid capris.  The harness paired with the short black dress created a hideous silhouette, it looked like her bust and torso were concave. Runway or not, I’m of the opinion, call me old fashioned, that fashion is to be wearable and salable– yes it can be a avant-garde in couture and high-fashion, but it should never make a woman’s body grotesque!

The looks that the collection should’ve been edited down to were a combination of old meets young- leather being the element that reinvigorated many of them: the mandarin collar leather jacket, leather pocket detail of the black cut-out dress, and black mini dress for example.  The cut-out detail on the coats was unique, but the harnesses were either cool or just atrocious costume pieces.  Overall I will again say that it seems these designers went head to head, and the result is the clashing dichotomous look that ensued.

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