London Fashion Week: It’s Bad

I now define London as fashion hell.  London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 has turned out the worst fashions we’ve seen…ever! Proportions that make even models look deformed or like little people.  There seems to be a lack of understanding of design principles, and a disregard for aesthetic and the human form.  While Londoners are self-proclaimed fashionable and daring, the rest of the world is just laughing and grimacing.

Roksanda:  We’re reminded of the Rick Owens penis collection met with at-home sewn outfits…wft is up with those boots

roksanda_ss16_lfw_20150921_1642 roksanda_ss16_lfw_20150921_1644 roksanda_ss16_lfw_20150921_1645

Erdem: this isn’t fashion, it’s period costumes.  I love framed walls, but this is wallpaper and framed vagina- this is vogueing as Rihanna does it.

erdem_ss16_lfw_20150921_1646 erdem_ss16_lfw_20150921_1647 erdem_ss16_lfw_20150921_1648

Mary Katrantzou: there’s an obvious lack of understanding and disregard for the female form- these looks are hideously volumizing.

mary_katrantzou_ss16_lfw_20150920_1649 mary_katrantzou_ss16_lfw_20150920_1650 mary_katrantzou_ss16_lfw_20150920_1651 mary_katrantzou_ss16_lfw_20150920_1652

Phoebe English: it’s as if a failing fashion student attempted to knit or block out the female form- I doubt Phoebe English could create a well tailored form-fitting look if it was life-or-death.

phoebe-english-spring-2016-rtw-01 phoebe-english-spring-2016-rtw-02 phoebe-english-spring-2016-rtw-05 phoebe-english-spring-2016-rtw-07

Fashion East: this is truly some hooker slut-wear…if you’re offended by the words hooker, slut, and whore in this instance, you’re a dirty skank. There’s only one white-trash starlet we can envision wearing this…yep, Miley.

fashion_east_ss16_lfw_20150921_1653 fashion_east_ss16_lfw_20150921_1654 fashion_east_ss16_lfw_20150921_1655 fashion_east_ss16_lfw_20150921_1656

MM6 Maison Margiela: 

mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1641 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1640 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1639 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1638 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1637 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1636 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1635 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16_nyfw_20150920_1634 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16 mm6_maison_margiela_ss16

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