Sibling SS16: It’s Not Fashion!

There was nothing new, original, or tasteful about the Sibling S/S16 collection. Sibling crocheted a laughing stock of “design.” That they’d send it down the runway is even worse a crime than having sat there and made it.   


 Proof on what I said about a lack of design, construction, and execution being evidence Sibling is not design- it’s crafts gone wrong: her tiny boobs were not accounted for! Put this on a normal woman and she’s topless in a dress! This is the assless chaps of the torso…wow London “Fashion” Week. 
Sibling’s designs are an afterthought- if this “dress” can’t accommodate model itty titties…what would it look like on a normal woman? Sibling isn’t a design house, it’s the embodiment of a hobbyist with an ego. There’s no comprehension of construction: her boobs have been forced down into that tube of a bodice!   
When was the last time you saw crafting pom poms? Exactly!    


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