A Fashion Joke: Threeasfour SS16

As if the name wasn’t dumb enough, Threeasfour decided to pursue this idea of “Disposable Fashion” for Spring/Summer 2016.

 “I wanted to make clothes that people literally want to dispose of…before they even wear them, like- stuff people would hate so much they’d buy it to burn it,” I’d imagine the designer, who’s proud to flaunt his pits, saying.  

It looks like Lil Kim was the inspiration for the hilariously hideous asymmetrical look on male models, what with one nipple covered up in a ridiculous design.  Threeasfour is a sorry excuse for fashion design, and yes…I want to burn it all.  The only interesting design was the weird structural shoulder thing…but on further examination, I just feel like I can hear the designer saying, “fortune cookie!,” as if he’d had an epiphany.   The looks are the pun, and we’re laughing at you Threasfour!

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