Concept Korea SS16

Concept Korea presented a refreshing collection for Spring/Summer 2016, which went against the grain of the cookie-cutter shows we’ve seen, focusing on the 90’s and grunge, and serving up a youthful inspired runway show complete with projections and a brilliantly choreographed production.

The show began with the projection intro and I love that the hand pointed the finger at the runway to let us know the show was going to begin and where to train our eyes.  The palette started with mostly black then segued into black and gold followed by plum, silver, and cream.  Fluted sleeves, kimono sleeves, shirt dresses, shirts, shorts, great shoes which will fit perfectly into the grunge Goth 90’s trend, also lots of metallic silver also shown in skins, and various silhouettes bespeckled the collection.

It was a very hard-edged collection with lots of wearable fashionable separates, which definitely strayed away from what we saw the other designers do and went into its own direction more of a 90s grunge theme: the typical 70’s trend, which while it is beautiful, became so boring the more we saw the same old thing over and over again.  Dark looks paired with chunky boots with thick buckled straps, what looked like a moon-landing photo-print on the jacket, an interesting layering effect of the longsleeve jacket with superimposed short sleeve windbreaker atop it, and lots of buckle details which gave this feeling of bondage set the collection apart.

It was a well executed beautiful collection: foil and nylon or high-sheen appliqués also gave this very cool modern look to the garments, as did the text looking square stud appliqués, which ended reading more like a newspaper print. I was blown away by the reveal of the back of the cream suit which had an amazing cut out and draping design- gorgeous. Surprises, such as the side of the skirt which was pleated on one side in asymmetry, added to the overall beautiful, hard-edged, youthful and invigorating collection, which went against the grain of the textbook forecasting-clan of the rest of fashion week.

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