Nicole Miller SS16

Nicole Miller’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection was full of Britto-esque art deco prints in bold neon colors, and seemed a bit obsessed with cut-away-shoulders and off-the-shoulder cuts.  I wish she’d coached the models not to show us the back of the bags, which seemed adorable with little Bag-bug-esque charms on them…not that we got to see them.  The shoes also were cute, but it seemed like the models had some trouble walking in the sneaker-heels.  The art-deco print was graffitied on dresses, skirts, and tops, and was complimented by the squiggle print of the navy sleeveless sheath dress paired with the white/blue/pink Britto-deco bag; black and white squiggle and ink splatter prints of the white sleeveless dress, bag,  caftan, fitted pants, and jacket; black and gray print of the off-the-shoulder blouse with collar, paired with flaired jeans; gray, white and red print of the v-neck cut-out dress and cut-away-shoulder top, which was paired with white pants.

Had it not been for the athletic stripe of the pants matching the turquoise cut-away-shoulder blouse, I would say this collection lacked cohesion, and could’ve been split up and developed into three separate collections: one with the form-fitting cut out dresses, another with the bold deco prints, and yet another with the loose-fitting floral prints and athletic-inspired looks.  Once the green pants with three-quarter length athletic jacket walked out, I felt even more-so like it lacks cohesion- perhaps its the athletic inspired looks that are throwing me off, which was not the case of other shows featuring similar inspiration.   In the end I feel like it’s not so memorable, except for the realization that she loves shoulders: it could’ve been had the aforementioned editing been taken into consideration.

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