Kye SS16

Kye Spring/Summer 2016 was a bold, fun, youthful collection with black and white, and pink, blue and white prints, and shimmering silver, black, and gold lamé, graphic tees, pullovers in black and heathered gray.

The first book was a blue, pink, and white print cropped button up and skirt, followed by a pink and white pullover sweater.  A pink and white top with a blue and white skirt in similar print preceded bold embroidered yellow bucket bags,  yellow shoes, A kimono style robe, a very sparkly sheer silver crewneck top, and jewel-toned dress, graphic sweater with “Hate” on it, military camo jacket with pink bellbottoms that laced up in the front and on the sides, athletic jackets, an off the shoulder tube top long sleeves and black, long haired boys wearing black-and-white prints with pink fuchsia lining in the hooded jacket, insane glasses (I love them), a cropped black and white print button up with matching shorts, lots of metallic lamé, a sparkling pull-over v-neck sweater-dress in black, a two-tone metallic gold and sparkling black three-quarter length jacket paired with black bellbottoms, lamé pants in gold with an off the shoulder top in a black stretch with b&w print band, sweater with lamé appliqué, the sheer top layer atop the crop top and lamé appliqué skirt, following by the graphic muscle tee.  The graphic tees were cute, all of which had the same hate graphic on them.  The yellow droped-shoulder leather Moto jacket looked like it was very stiff, it was paired with a white tube top and white pants.  The little black dress was corseted at the waist, preceded a gold iridescent sequin appliquéd skirt paired with an appliqué beanie and black knit sweater- also corseted at the natural waist.


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