Betsey Johnson SS16

   The Betsey Johnson SS16 show felt like a literal interpretation of Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead’s fashion runway, what with the strange speaking, off-tune singing and all. The show started off with the purple to white ombre backdrop with a button graphic, and onto the runway walked the first dress, which was a pink and turquoise look with a full skirt and a knit turquoise sweater underneath.  The second look was pastel pink turquoise. Betsy keeps on showing that purple to white ombre dress with turquoise splatter, as well as the very loud spray paint looking dress: I don’t know why were seeing this repeated season after season, as well as the clown looks. As can be expected there was a lot of bold color, tulle, and kitsch.  

And then transition, after an awkward and weird written-word reading, into an even bolder segue to even bolder colors and prints: red, pink, green, yellow- every color of the rainbow, a cherry print, graphic knits. full skirts, corsets, and drag queen rainbow eye-makeup. A floral print jumpsuit with a yellow corset, lots of pumps, and platforms stumbled down the catwalk.  Perhaps Betsy is going more for the 90s trend, or a circus- either one. We saw stripe jumpsuits, clear collar-and-revere jacket, a red spider print graphic mini, a patent leather strapless dress, the collection seemed more 80s and hit and miss the mark, especially with the proportions the big broad shoulder pads of the black and red striped look.

I did like the yellow animal print dress, and cut-away-shoulder halter, followed by a off the shoulder black and white striped strapless dress with an off the shoulder sweater in an inverted stripe. We already know a lot of ladies are going to want to wear in the sheer bottom dress which will reveal the panties, because the leotard is such a good look- not.  Overall, we’re left with the impression Betsey and her team doesn’t know how to edit, do market research, or better yet design development.  At one point all the girls on the platform had the same outfit on in varying prints and fabrics, and looked like a bell-boy or circus monkey.  I hope Betsey can stop recycling designs, and just show those at her yard sales.

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