Supima SS16 Design Competition

The Supima Spring/Summer 2016 showcase and competition of emerging designers from top design schools across the nation was amazing!  All of the fabrics are taken from a raw state, and the designers were coached and mentored by Bibhu Mohapatra.  It was very interesting to see the designers processes and get a look inside the design studio regardless of the technical difficulties, including the lack of audio.

 The fabric manipulation was impressive given the materials were given to them raw, as was the execution. We saw designs from some truly talented designers. The models had a hard time walking in the weaved looks, but they were breathtakingly gorgeous and elegant nonetheless. I loved the cut-away-shoulder mermaid dress, it reminded me of Zac Posen.

Regardless of the fact that Kate McKenna won, these young designers are all very talented winners in my eyes and I’m sure the rest of the world’s.  Truth be told, I became a  little emotional wondering how my life would be different if my family had not sabotaged my acceptance to the Fashion Institute Of Technology in New York, which was the only school I applied to.  The standing ovation was a worthy one- we’ve seen less original collections hardly as well executed as these from more established designers. 

(The winner is shown in the first two photos below, she is in black and white and her models are to her left)

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