Onhe Titel SS16

The Onhe Titel SS16 show started off with white looks: sheer striped fabric, satin pants with sheer side panels, an asymmetrical white dress with white fringe shoes, and a beautiful chain detailed fringe skirt with an asymmetrical top.  We saw an asymmetrical shirt dress which snapped on the sides and was belted at the waist, a red top stitch detailed dress which was white in color, a dress with an asymmetric knit detail, a turquoise asymmetrical dress with a flip detail, as well as a tube dress. I loved the sheer fabric peekaboo skirt detail.  Overall we saw lots of asymmetry and cut-away-shoulders. A contrasting sleeve detail on a black and white jacket, and an off-the-shoulder jumpsuit.

Black, white, green and turquoise composed the color palette. A green, white, and black tuxedo style jumpsuit, a green and black shirt paired with a sheer pleated skirt which had cut-away-shoulders, another cut-away-shoulder top and skirt which was green, navy and black, with a print in the top. A knit swimsuit, a bright spearmint green dress which was sleeveless, followed by a navy blue dress, again asymmetrical, with a green strap. Another contrasting-sleeve blazer which is actually a net or knit detail. A micro mini cut-away-shoulder dress. I hated the transitions of the editing and the speed of this show; I loved the chain and contrasting knit/net details though.

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