Desigual SS16

The Desigual Spring/Summer 2016 collection is bold, in your face fashion with a saturated color palette in every color, as could be expected.  Septum Piercings, colored hair in cornrows and braids, a red lip, and white stiletto nails prove that more is more. It was the first collection to really emphasize more of the 90’s while still incorporating the 70’s trend. It’s also the most boldly colored palette we’ve seen yet. There is something daring and ballsy about the show, which can be expected given this is Desigual- known to be loud. We saw graphic knits, crop tops, bold black print leggings, a tank dress, clear shoes, crochet, denim vests, destroyed denim, black and white striped knits, and platform shoes, which are all on-trend.  There was  a definite BoHo influence mixed in amidst the grunge.

The first look, a short dress that is black and white striped with a pink striped bodice, and an emo-style sideways-Mohock headphones, set the tone for the show.  A striped fuchsia top with a huge black and white striped headdess looks like it’s something out of Dr. Suess, and was proceeded by a bold fuchsia-and-black and fuchsia-and-white floral print dress.  Then came the crazy stripe and floral print dress in white and blue.  We also saw a boldly color paisley and white dress.

We were blinded by the loud foil appliqué jeans and textile jacket on the model who carried a selfie stick out onto the runway; she later handed off her selfie stick to the next model, who was wearing a bleach-screenprinted graphic denim jean with a military style jacket.  Then came the bold baby blue top with overalls and clear Moto boots.  I love the white coat with colorful embroidery.  This will definitely be a fun brand to rock for Spring, as it embodies everything 90’s and 70’s in a fun fashion.

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