Why Male Androgyny Reigns Supreme.

In response to Elle magazine’s boo-hoo article on androgyny being a male-centered trend:male androgyny androgynous 😡 I have rebelled in the face of societal & gender norms my whole life: women have attained their freedom.  Androgyny is now a men’s movement, as it should be with the revolution brought on by the trans community- largely due to Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox.

Furthermore, women are free to wear & do as they please– pants, skirts, gowns, cross-dressing: it is a stronger statement for men, deal with it. You’ve gone through the women’s rights movent, burned your bras, and grabbed your crotches vicariously through the cross-dressed masculinized Madonna. Your power suits, feminism, and desire to create equality is now overshadowed by your childlike endeavor to say “hey, look at me I’m in pants,” which is absurd. You’ve already been there- step aside.

Until women are met as aggressively with words like bulldyke as men are with words like sissy, faggit, queer, drag queen, Dorothy and the like- shut the fuck up.

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