Tech Style

(Photo: Marie Claire)
The tech style revolution is only just beginning: what started out with pedometers has quickly transformed into wrist-phones we daydreamed of in the eras preceding the 21st century.  What with hover boards and holograms, we are seeming to catch up to the endeavor of reaching the future we envisioned in films like Back to the Future.

There have been several tech style innovations throughout the years, from rings that could detect the date-rape drug to charms that flashed with the ringing of your cell phone.  Ralph Lauren has created a smart shirt, there is talk of the Apple Watch 2, and according to a  ’14 article by Kate Losse, “Apple and Intel are building out entire teams dedicated to fashion and style.”

The 3D printing revolution has also made new types of technologies possible, such as clothing that can charge devices using the static electricity generated by the wearer’s movement.  The PoloTech Shirt, shown below, retails for $295 and monitors heart rate, breathing and movement, which are synced with your iPhone via a removable Bluetooth black box.

polotech shirt wearable tech
The PoloTech Shirt retails for $295. 

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