VMA’s: A Slutty Carpet Ride

Between Chrissy Teigan and Gigi Hadid, it’s clear everyone lives in a delusional world in which they are Beyoncé…years ago. We shall define Hadid’s look as the whore-slit onesie: is it too much to ask that women cover their crotches? This would be appropriate as a swimsuit and wrap! Teigan’s is just trashy.  Speaking of slutty outfits, here’s Miley feigning a shocker outfit, which seems to be a costume for a new video…”Swing from the Chandelier” maybe? The only thing we’re seeing on the carpet is overexposed celeb carpets. 

   Is this a double standard, and is it extreme to use the words slut and whore? First off, I do not intend to suggest these women are sluts or whores, but am stressing the inappropriate dressing certainly does make one seem very risqué, suggestive of more than sexuality and confidence. In terms of double standards, I disagree- I cite Kris Jenner and Di Mondo in sheer pants. While many believed Jenner donning the sheer pants to Kendal’s Chanel show was inappropriate, I think we reacted worse to a man deciding to rock sheer pants.  Unless he shaved his legs and kept that blazer covering his crotch, I can’t imagine this being flattering or a good look.  Might we view him as a man-whore? Yes, in a way we may associate this with a homosexual showing the goods off…why gay? Do you think it’s a straight macho guy’s look? Let’s be honest and real Felicia! Come on now girl! 

   Let’s reel it all back in to reality: it’s innappropriate and highly sexualized to show your crotch and booty prominently on red carpets, where you’ll be photographed and have your image spattered throughout digital and print media. If you’re not Gaga or Beyoncé, I don’t see any excuse.  Beyoncé has done this right with the creative geniuses of Thierry Mugler and Versace; it doesn’t seem innappropriate on her, and it has been over seven years since the release of the “Single Ladies,” video- so put your pants back on ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. “Whore” and “slut”? Harsh words.


    1. Perry Uwanawich says:

      Well Lady hardly seems appropriate, and they’re meant to stress the truly unladylike nature of baring your vagina or undies to the world on the red carpet. Maybe Exotic Carpet Strutter would be a nicer way of putting it. 😉 I hear you girl, but I still think these are slutty looks girls wouldn’t even wear to the club.

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      1. Yeah. I guess. I just don’t think we’d call men names like this when they do the same thing. Unlevel, unfair playing field, you know?

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      2. Perry Uwanawich says:

        I do, trust me I’m totally a feminist and do see your point, sorry if it’s offended you or anyone else here- note taken.


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