Curly Hair: Advice from Life Experience 

Curly hair brings up memories of babies, the idea of Cupid…and for those with curls, frizz, humidity, & nappyness. 

Before the dawning of the age of the flatiron, curlers predated the blow dryer as the go-to, and then there was the hair steamer.  Kids these days won’t understand how much I would’ve appreciated knowledge of a hot-comb, or what black people used to use to straighten their hair…I have a natural Einstein coif 😂.

Hair Care:

  • Pantene’s Curly Series Deep Conditioner, 
  • Pantene’s Curly Series Shampoo & Conditioner (not paid by any company, honest opinion) 

Hair Styling Techniques:

  • Blow Dry Straight: round brush (smaller diameter for short hair, larger for longer). Rotate the brush continuously, keeping the hair taught the entire time. Hold the blow-dryer at a 45 degree angle pointing downward on the hair shaft away from the root, this seals the cuticles and gives shine while smoothing.
  • Blow Dry Curly: use a diffuser to define your curls, don’t comb or brush your curly hair- apply a serum or product from my suggestions below, finger comb or comb with wide tooth comb and diffuse or air dry.  Lift the hair, bucking and scrunching it with your head upright and also tipped over if you have long hair.
  • Flat Iron: there are wet-to-dry flat irons out there, but if you don’t have one blow dry as directed above, it will help smooth and straighten your hair more because frizzy hair can come out flat yet still frizzy even after flat ironing and straightening- to avoid this, try using a comb or brush along with your flat iron, and segment and seperate the hair into sections.

Hair Styling Products

  • I love Bed Head products, and recommend the Control Freak serum.
  • Pantene’s Curly Hair Style Gel are great for defining and loosening curls.
  • Pantene’s No Crunch Curl Whip is fabulous…it’s an incomparable rich mousse.

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