Would You Burn Your Hair?

Do not try this at home. 

“Velaterapia” is the most bizarre hair treatment I’ve ever come across in my life, it’s called  or if you’re American “Candle Cutting”. It originates from Brazil and is actually pretty scary for someone who loves their hair.
At a professional salon, Candle Cutting is the method of twisting the hair braid like , grabbing a small candle, a lit candle, and setting flame to the split ends sticking out of the twisted hair.

 (Photo: @Wanessasimonetti , on Instagram.)

A healthier alternative to trimming? I don’t see the damage because you get a deep condition after, and the hair that is twisted is safe from flames. I’ve noticed the hair looks about the same length as before and shinier than after your routine trim.

The pros and cons?

Velaterapia pro’s:

  • Less hair trimmed off than a routine trim.
  • Loads shinier than usual.
  • Hair looks completely different , texture wise.

 (Photo: @Fernandodurangom , on Instagram.)
Velaterapia con’s:


Routine trim pro’s:

  • Not setting fire to your hair.
  • More people are trained and specialize in this category.
  • It’s a safer way to keep your hair healthy.

Routine trim con’s:

  • You’re trimming off more of your hair than you would doing velaterapia.
  • Your hair doesn’t look so shiny and bouncy.

I don’t see myself going anywhere near a open flame and voluntarily offering my hair to it. But if you’re a risk taker and want to try something new, or you’re in desperate need of saving your hair from split ends and texture, this is for you.


You can find salons in more upscale areas that specialize in velaterapia or “candle cutting.” It costs from $180-$200 , and your hair must be at least mid-length. It works for straight, wavy , or curly hair. Make sure wherever you go, the person is actually qualified to do so.

Here’s a link to a video of the full treatment : http://youtu.be/CuSOWUkXHjs

 ( Alessandra Ambrosio , source: seventeen.com)

Are you brave enough to let someone burn your split ends?
Comment and let us know, or share your experience.


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  1. Hudda. says:

    omg I’ve never heard of this one. Looks pretty scary. I want to try it lol

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