Are Millenials Discriminated By Baby Boomers and Gen X?

You will often hear a baby boomer or generation X’er criticize and critique the millennials for being unemployed, lacking skills… On the contrary, millennial’s have proven themselves to be the most entrepreneurial generation yet, and given the previous generations under estimated the importance of technology in our globalized world, I feel as if we are seeing them project their own weaknesses onto the more educated, technologically savvy Millenials. They cite social media as an issue…I think it’s more a question of HR, misinterpreting age as experience and competence, people not retiring, and the economy and job market.

It’s no secret that curriculums, standardized tests, and education in general were much easier for those baby boomers who smoked pot on the grass strumming their guitars and feigning “far out” philosophy.  Millennials have been educated not only in stronger curriculums, but will also have more up to date knowledge and experience than their age-obsessed senile counterparts.

Back to social media: it is not a weakness but a strength- social media has changed how our globalized world connects, and is a tool used in all relevant businesses.  Millenials have capitalized on social media, creating empires of brands started out as blogs, YouTube channels, etc.  On the subject, many of us are bloggers, vloggers, writers, artists outside our fields: we are creatives, content creators, curators, all on our free time.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, but am a blogger, vlogger, artist, designer, illustrator, and poet on my free time.  I designed and launched my first clothing line while enrolled full-time in college- this speaks for my generation: as I mentioned earlier, Millenials are the most entrepreneurial generation yet.

So the next time you see a Millenial with her head buried in her phone, remember she’s the next Michelle Phan and your company’s future competition if she gets into the wrong hands: so don’t hate & judge, hire her and put YOUR MONEY, ahem…AKA INTERNSHIP, where your mouth is.  Also…retire!

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