TBT Seahawks Super Bowl Fan Makeup

 Sea Hawks Eye Make-up I did for a football fan for the Super Bowl.

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  1. Hi ! I’m French but I speak a little English. I love your makeup “eagle” ! it looks complicated, right? ♥


    1. Perry Uwanawich says:

      Hi, I’m an artist so it’s hard for me to say, I paint, draw, illustrate & do make-up so for me it was easy. I guess you have to practice with gel or liquid liner & shadow if you find those things or drawing difficult then yes, especially since it’s 3D surface. I had to visualize how I’d orient & mirror the logo to create an aesthetically appealing eye make-up. It was for football, but I still wanted it to look more make-up than fan-make-up if that makes sense…not too over the top costume.

      I tried to translate:
      il est facile pour moi, mais je suis un artiste. Si le dessin, eye-liner en gel et fard à paupières ne coûtent pas fortifiés, il peut être oui difficiles. il est également surface 3D …

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      1. Okay! Oh you are artist?


      2. Perry Uwanawich says:

        Oui 💜

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