This Season’s Trends for YOUR Body

Every body is built differently. No matter what kind of body you have, a small belly with big thighs, or a big belly with small thighs, you’re Beautiful no matter what and deserve to feel like it. Here’s how to wear what’s in with tips on what’s best for your body type: feel confident and comfortable in YOUR skin.

1st Trend: Bodycon dresses
Here’s the secret behind bodycon dresses: buy a size bigger than you usually would; they tend to cling to your body a little too tightly which is unflattering and thus makes you uncomfortable. When in reality it’s the materials’ fault, not yours.

TIP: belts are a ‘no no’ when wearing form-fitting outfits.

The thinner to average size women should look like the image below in a Bodycon dress. Try a tribal print, because a plain Bodycon is so booooooring. A scoop-back could spice it up as well.

IMG_0100-0 IMG_0099-0

Pear-shaped to curvier bodies should look like the images below in a Bodycon. Try a jacket/cardigan & longer necklace to make it more stylish. Go for a printed style dress you’ll catch more attention.

IMG_0097-1 IMG_0098-1

2nd Trend:  Rompers

They’re great when you’re in a rush and want to be stylish (me everyday).  Throw them on with a pair of sneakers or sandals.  There’s no secret to rompers- they look great on every body type. If you have a bigger bottom and hip area or you’re bustier, buy something a size bigger with an elastic waist so your waist is cinched without your bottom or bust  being suffocated as they’re made out of rayon most of the time, which doesn’t stretch and isn’t roomy.

What yours should look like:

IMG_0085 IMG_0086

IMG_0088 IMG_0087

3rd trend:  Printed Pants.

Style them with a solid crop top and a cardigan with lowtop sneakers or sandals. Again, make sure to try them on before buying: sizing on these is tricky. If they’re 100% rayon, buy a size or maybe even two sizes bigger- it depends on how you want them to fit. If you want a fit like the examples below, buy a size bigger.

If you have a larger bottom, go for high-waisted ones such as those shown below. Also, buy a size bigger with a drawstring so you can tighten to your liking while they compliment the rest of your lower body.

IMG_0072-0 IMG_0073

IMG_0078 IMG_0079

If you want a more night look rather than a relaxed one, try a pair without a fitted ankle, such as these:

IMG_0070 IMG_0071

You could dress these up or down. Again , if you have a bigger bottom try high wasted ones a size bigger if they’re not mixed with cotton or spandex. Such as these :

IMG_0074 IMG_0075

These look great with solid crop tops and boots or platforms.

4th Trend: Jumpsuits

Great for dressing up or down. Amazing for a day when you’ve partied too hard last night and are incapable of matching two pieces of clothes to go to work in. They look classy and neat, like you actually have your life together. Again, they are made out of rayon most of the time, which isn’t stretchable or roomy at all: buy a size a bigger with an elastic waist.

If you’re on the curvier side, try a fitted one rather than baggy as it’ll make your curves look unflattering. These are the types you should wear  :

IMG_0083 IMG_0084

If you’re on the thinner side, try a baggier leg with a fitted top such as:

IMG_0089 IMG_0090

Pair them with platforms for more of a night look or sandals for more casual. Cardigans are great with jumpsuits.

5th Trend: Pencil Skirts and Crop Tops.

Great for going on a first date with someone, or going to an exclusive restaurant with friends. If you have narrow hips and a smaller bottom, try a ribbed spandex type of pencil skirt with a matching pattern top. Such as :

IMG_0091 IMG_0092

Pair with heels and clutch.

If you’re on the curvier side, go with a solid colored high waisted pencil skirt. Select darker colors, such as grey or black, as they tend to look more flattering. Also, pair with a different colored crop top, which is more eye-catching.

IMG_0093 IMG_0095 IMG_0094

Pair with heels and clutch.

*TIP: tighter granny panties are a life saver with these types of skirts if you have bigger hips! 

Whatever your body type may be, don’t let it stop you from being you. Wear what you want how you want. “You’re you and that’s your power,” I heard a wise woman say.  Do what makes you happy.


-Angelica McGill


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