High Man-tenance

I touched up my roots yesterday and still have to tone.

  • Section hair
  • Measure & Mix 30vol developer and L’Oréal Super Oreal Blanc.
  • Apply from root to cover new growth, trying not to overlap: then take it to the tips during the last 30min.
  • Shampoo & DEEP CONDITION afterward- can’t stress that enough: I prefer Pantene’s Curly to Straight formula.
  • Apply Toner & 20Vol developer to clean dry hair (I chose to wait to give my scalp & hair time to recoup).

Yes, you’ve heard this part from everyone who’s platinum blonde or white/grey haired: Wella’s T18 Lightest Ash Blonde (Previously White Lady)

I then tweezed and shaped my eyebrows. Today I redid my man-icure…then reapplied the top coat because I’m a perfectionist. I love Big Smokey Top Coat over Black Nail Polish, XTreme Wear Hard As Nails, Both Sally Hansen.

 Before shots of 1 week down: there’s a subtle shimmer on the Big Smokey Top Coat.

I then proceeded to whip out the Phillips-Norelco Body Groom, because it’s a long process being a modern metro.  See my previous posts on this amazing trimmer & shaver! 

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