Grooming His & Hers


Phillips-Norelco and Bliss has you covered: whether you trim, shave, or epilate. Guys- meet your new best friend: the Phillips-Norelco Body Groom is The Perfect trimmer and shaver for face or body, retailing from $39-69 depending on the model- there’s also one with an extension for your- ewww- hairy backs (model-specific, although I’m sure you can order it separately on their site). The dual clippers are very convenient and it’s eliminated a life-long struggle with razor bumps & ingrown hairs for me.


Ladies- you’ve met your match: Phillips and Bliss released this Bikini Perfect over a decade ago and I swiped it up at Sephora seeing as it has 4 interchangeable heads: two clippers (one tapered for intimate areas), a shaver, and an epilator- which is like 50 spinning tweezers). This was a great product for me before the Body-Groom, but is perfect for women as it is marketed for “bikini” area.   

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