Bi-Coastal Skincare Regimine

I previously posted on my seasonal skincare and makeup  switch ups, but can being on one coast or another affect your skin differently? Yes! California’s dry air and difference in climate contrasts south Florida’s humid muggy air.  

Since returning to Miami, I’ve had to switch from gentler cleansers and washing my face once a day and substituting with a cream cleanser or wipe for the 2nd cleanse, to washing both times with a salicylic acid based wash (see post or YouTube video on salicylic vs. glycolic acid).  I have also had to whip out the Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel all over, which I previously would apply pre-breakout, spotting, as a preventative.

This is a delicate balance, you don’t want your skin too dry or too oily, and will have to experiment to find the right balance, as well as use trial and error to find the products that do and don’t work for you (do see my posts and videos on products as I’ve tried A LOT).  If you have oily skin, I’d recommend hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer, as I find sun screens and moisturizers, “noncomodogenic” or not, clog my pores. 

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