“Blind Faith” by Perry Uwanawich

My world is falling apart,

  As I watch the buildings fall,

And the burning of books and art,

  Men, women, children screaming all,

Holy War

  Wages on

Aiming for


Men of different tongues proclaim,

  That we should murder in the name,

Of A God we should singularly name,

  For language isn’t of importance to the insane,

The ignominious ignorant “faithful” man,

  Who’s blind to contaminants on the warring plan,

Concealed within the pages of their Bibles,

  Converting faith into tokens and idols,

For virgins,

  For fame,

For vengeance,

  All personal gain,

Greed, lust, hypocrisy,

  Key ingredients in theology,

Christians, Islamists, Jews,

  Prideful in their pews,

One God

  By ANY name,

Is one God,

  It is the same!

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