Tired Puffy Eyes? Kick Morning Face!

I have very puffy bags under my eyes when I wake. If you’ve ever had to run out with morning face, this product is for you. Here you can see the instant before and after results of using the Garnier Skin Renew anti-puff eye roller. 

   You will still see discoloration from the blood vessels in the inner corners of the eye, but the puffiness is what we’re focusing on here, as regular use of the anti-puff and or anti-Dark-Circle rollers will eliminate dark circles. I will cover dark circles and how to treat and conceal them in another post.

I used to place the product on my fingers and dab it all over my eyes.  DO NOT USE ON YOUR UPPER LID- as the packaging states, and DO use the roller: the swiping motion actually clears out the liquid within the bags, and the caffeine stimulates circulation.

You can then follow up with Garnier anti-Dark-Circle Roller, which has a sheer tint, or makeup.  I do use both rollers as I target the puffiness as soon as I wake up and use the tinted roller when I want coverage.


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