On Going Blonde

I went platinum just before Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto, being the trend setter I am.  I used L’Oreal Super Oreal Blanc Professional Powder Bleach and a 30vol developer (which you’re not supposed to put on your scalp);

the whole lifting process from black to blonde took an hour and a half.  To tone, I used a 20vol developer and Wella’s Lightest Ash Blonde, formerly White Lady.  I put in some 613 extensions but am not done: I’m going to do a black dip dye to emulate Gwen Stefani.  

   It is important to note how important deep conditioning afterward is: I got excited and went out to show off my look- not a good idea. I’ve always applied a deep conditioner for hours after and skipping this process this time did leave my hair dry and damaged.  Since, I’ve done several conditioning treatments, but it’s not the same; so, I will say it is vital you condition after bleaching and or dying your hair (unless you’re using semi-permanent color, in which case the colors will bleed).

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