Nicholas K

A sheer dress revealing a thong seems like it should catch Madonna’s eye.  A Fanny Messenger, a gorgeous grey pinstripe suit with long jacket, a sheer burnt copper dress with leather piping, unusual belting, and a unique off-the-shoulder necklace stood out of the collection.  Was there an ode to Stacy London of What Not to Wear and Love Lust or Run with the grey streak?  Black leather, deep reds mixed with copper and burnt golden rod sheer layered fabrics composed the different looks.  The crop hoodie I fell in love with in shows past has evolved into the sheer hood.

Nicholas K fw15 fall 2015 463259150.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000 463259166.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 (1) 463259166.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259168.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000 463259170.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259176.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259280.jpg_518_0_2646.65671642_4754 463259286.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259298.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259314.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259396.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259402.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259416.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259422.jpg_297_0_1640.28358209_3000 463259424.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000 463259426.jpg_326_0_1669.28358209_3000 463259450.jpg_327_0_1670.28358209_3000


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