Organic by John Patrick

A gorgeous green contrast-sleeve coat precedes horrible board-shorts…  There is a very masculine tone to the styling of this collection: a shirt dress with karate belt, peach pants and combat boots? Who is this girl?  Do we Love Lust or Run? She’s ready to fight one moment, then dresses for her day job: librarian …Run!

The more I see- the more I hate it.  This is a granny turns lesbian collection.

Organic-by-John-Patrick-01-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-02-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-03-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-04-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-05-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-07-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-08-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-09-1366 Organic-by-John-Patrick-11-1366

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