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I have used many different products throughout the years I have tried things from drugstore brands to more of the higher end product lines at Sephora.

From Neutrogena to Peter Thomas Roth- i’ve tried it all and will share my insight on getting clear skin.

Know your skin: depending on your skin type your regimen is going to be different.

For acne prone and oily skin you want to stick to the salicylic acid-based face wash and products. Be conscious not to try out the skin as well as not to have the skin be too oily: you want to maintain a happy medium. Toners or acne gels will dry out the skin, whilst moisturizers will be used to replenish that moisture.
Moisturizers can also clog your pores, I recommend hyaluronic acid. Otherwise, get more strands or not is hypoallergenic and non-comogenic.
My favorite face washes are from Peter Thomas Roth they are the blemish nothing beats for face and body, which is salicylic acid based with glycolic acid, and the Glycolic Acid 3% Facewash. While you can find a dependable face wash from drugstore brands I find that the price for the higher end brands is worth it in terms of how long you will use it or rather how much product you get for your dollar. I did recently purchased the Neutrogena all-in-one acne control daily scrub, and I found that I ran out of the product within may be a week or two, whereas the Peter Thomas Roth face wash his last many months.
Their other products that you’re going to use to supplement your face wash and toner they can be Acme clearing gel such as the Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne clearing gel. Also dark spot remover’s or dark spot clearing products such as the Peter Thomas Roth De-spot skin brightening corrector. Both products retail for about $95.
With the use of many over-the-counter and prescription acne products you will need a sunscreen so I do recommend the Peter Thomas Roth retinal fusion and moisturizer with SPF 30, there are also some sunscreens which are powdered from the same brand.

Whether you need a dermatologist is going to depend on the severity of your acne, I have gone to dermatologists, although I have not had severe acne in my youth. I was prescribed doxycycline which is an antibiotic, as well as different topical treatments, such as Retin-A.
I did find the acid skin peels to be the most beneficial in terms of acne and the clearing of not only the breakout issue, but also the scars. Skin peels or chemical peels are not something you want to do in your home: you want to be sure that you’re getting this done by a professional and you don’t want to be ordering any of the illegal percentage acid products online.

Face Washes I Love:
-Black Pearl Soap
-PTR Blemish Buffing Beads
-PTR Glycolic Acid 3% Facial Wash
-Neautrogena’s tone correcting washes.

Products I didn’t like:
-Clean & Clear

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