Accurate Colored Hair Trend Forecast


I predicted the colored hair would be bigger and more mainstream than in the past- but who knew it would have continued & trickled down this long. Rihanna has been a major influencer bringing Rihanna Red to the table, and proved she’s the Queen of Color with her green haired Mac Viva Glam campaign. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kesha, and that middle aged woman in line at the grocery store all with hued locks have taken to and kept this trend rolling.
On the catwalks, colored wigs reigned supreme- I believe it was Jacobs who created the tonal greyge wigs. I read in a Vogue book that women long ago began dying their hair in such crazy colors as green and blue, and we’re discussing turn of the century not 80’s here. It is interesting to see a return to that editorial daring fashion sense and street style. It must be noted that Gaga has had a tremendous impact on both celebrities and the public in that regard- whether they’d admit it or not. Either way it seems people aren’t giving up the color trend just yet, so many will be milking it until it’s Out of Style for good again.

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